Deep Turquoise – The Creation of a Quilt

2. June 2023

Simply a color-monochrome quilt

  • The quilt must be completely made in three layers.
  • The quilt has the size 75 x 120cm.

    Creation period

    In May 2022 I had my first thoughts about the quilt! But then life intervened. In November 2022 I could no longer avoid it. I fully concentrated on the creation of my quilt. It was a true sewing odyssey – I struggled with paper, needles, threads and fabrics.



    I had to decide which fabrics to use. Actually, I had planned to sew the quilt in silk. That was too much work for me. I decided on cotton in the classic way.
    I needed fabrics in ONE colour that would cover the whole colour range. So I thought about my options – buy? Boring. Dye it myself? Too time-consuming. Have it printed! I mean, why not? I can pick and choose all sorts of colour gradations and shades until I have exactly what I need.


    I never thought the decision could be so difficult! I considered many things – from evenly distributed to centred effect. I even considered isometric effect, whatever that would have meant! In the end I decided on a chiaroscuro effect and a perspective effect.


    Which technique should I use when sewing? Should I patch, quilt, appliqué, embroider or something else entirely? Or how about using the free technique? I definitely wanted to choose something that would be challenging for me, but at the same time show off my skills and knowledge. And after much thought and consideration, I finally decided on FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing)!

    You’ll find out what happens next in my next blog post, Tiefenrausch – ein Quilt entsteht – CaBi Quilting (