Deep Turquoise – The Creation of a Quilt

2. June 2023

Simply a color-monochrome quilt

    What happened next …

    Design tools

    I am a total tech nerd! So I decided to design my quilt using a digital approach. And to do that, I picked up several tools at once! For example EQ8, procreate and quiltassistant and of course classic pen and paper.


    This was my most difficult decision! I had to decide which colour to use for my quilt. I got out my colour tool and went in search of the perfect colour. I knew I wanted to use complete colour space, so the colour had to appeal to me and fit the design and effect of the quilt. The choice was turquoise!


    I had a love/hate relationship with my designs! Every time I thought I had a great plan that expressed my creativity, it turned out to actually look totally stupid. So I started all over again and hoped that this time it would be better.

    I guess that’s the price you have to pay if you want to be creative – sometimes you have to fight through the frustration to get to the best ideas.

    You can find out what happens next in my next blog post, Tiefenrausch – ein Quilt entsteht – CaBi Quilting (