Donations to outpatient children’s hospices

13. July 2023

Children need a quilt to cuddle

    We are quilters from all over Germany donating and supporting the outpatient children’s hospices through our self-sewn blankets and guild dolls. These blankets are intended to provide a nice and safe place to cuddle and dream for children and young people in difficult life situations.
    I am in regular exchange with the federal federation Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. – Dachverband der Kinderhospize in Deutschland ( The national association redistributes our blankets and also guild dolls t Patchworktage 2024 | Patchwork Gilde Deutschland e.V. to the children and young people in need. The blankets are sewn and quilted in different colours, patterns and sizes. They should provide a nice and safe place to cuddle up and dream. Every blanket is unique, just like every child.

    We will definitely continue to sew and support the great work of the outpatient children’s hospices.

    Anyone who would also like to donate blankets or guild dolls is welcome to contact me.