Deep Turquoise – The Creation of a Quilt

2. June 2023

Simply a color-monochrome quilt.

    What happened next …



    After what felt like a thousand preparations and plans, I was finally ready to sew my quilt. It started! I started sewing, and well, let’s just say it looked… hmm, “interesting.” I grabbed my cell phone and took some photos. I had to document this! Okay, it was the next piece’s turn… and it went wrong. Oh no, I picked the wrong shade. How could this happen to me? I am flexible. I would simply make the best out of it and call it a “creative touch.” And so it continued, piece by piece. The quilt grew and thrived.


    I really wanted my quilt blocks to have a slightly raised appearance, so I decided to use two different types of batting. On the back fabric, I have used Thermolam 272, and on top of that, I have placed an 80/20 batting.

    To keep the quilt sandwich together while quilting, I used curved safety pins.

    And then came the best part – quilting! I used a silk thread because it is very thin and does not disturb the effect of the quilt. I have also chosen straight lines to enhance the sense of depth. I didn’t use a ruler for that; instead, I used the walking foot on my sewing machine.

    Border design

    I have spent hours selecting the perfect color tones and planning the pattern. And then came the Binding – oh no, the Binding! I was afraid that it would affect the effectiveness of the quilt. I mean, when you put so much work into a piece of art, you don’t want it to end up looking like a botched job, right? I have chosen a face binding!


    Thanks for reading!