AI (artificial intelligence) in the sewing room

29. November 2023

AI (artificial intelligence) in the sewing room

Who would have thought that artificial intelligence (AI) could also make a splash in the sewing room!

There are no discussions about copyright and AI here now, many other smart people are already dealing with that. I would rather show what happens when the AI picks up the sewing kit or the fabric in the algorithm?

The image here? This is the result of an AI that I asked if it could imagine what a quilt with the face of a dreamy, melancholy woman would look like.

And the second image? Well, this is my own creation, but the AI was kind enough to give me a few suggestions for quilting lines.

Now comes the tricky part: the crafting magic is needed to turn these digital dreams into real quilts. To be continued.

Initial summary: It took hours to understand the AI platforms and create the corresponding inputs. But the results blew me away! I’m excited to see if and how AI changes the future of quilting!